75 Funny Drawing Prompts with Options

75 Funny Drawing Prompts with Options

This is not your typical drawing prompt book. This book was designed to recreate the experience of developing an original character for a client. Within the pages of this book, you’ll find hundreds of funny and original character ideas that you can use for your own projects!

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Blank Comic Book Template

Blank Comic Book Template for All Ages

This Blank Comic Book is ideal for the budding artist in your life. Perfect for kids who love to make up short stories, as well as highly creative teens and adults looking to illustrate their first graphic novel masterpiece. The fresh new panel layouts contained within this book, will help any aspiring comic book artist take their creativity to a whole new level.

Pick up a copy today and help foster the creativity of someone who may just be the next great Comic Book Master!!!

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Lyric and Chord Scratch Pad

Lyric & Chord Scratch Pad

The Lyric & Chord Scratch Pad is the perfect addition to any song writer’s toolbox. Originally designed to replace the traditional notebook, this journal is laid out in a format that allows artists to quickly document a song’s title, tempo, tuning and capo placement as well as up to twelve individual bar chords for each new song. The additional 90 lined pages for lyrics give any aspiring song writer enough room to journal up to 30 original songs all in one convenient location.

The Lyric & Chord Scratch Pad’s compact size allows for easy fit into any guitar case, making it readily available whenever inspiration strikes. The perfect gift for the musician in your life.

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The Learn One New Thing Every Day Book

The Learn One New Thing Every Day Book

Making a habit of learning one new thing every day can have a very profound effect on a young person’s life. Exploring areas outside of their normal day to day interests’, will introduce them to a whole new world of amazing possibilities. Just spending a few minutes per day learning something new, can help to fuel their creativity and build their self-confidence to a level they couldn’t even begin to imagine.

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