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To truly understand why a person is on the path they’re on, it’s important to first realize where they’re coming from.

For the past decade I’ve been dealing with a neurological disorder that has left me experiencing bouts of dizziness and vertigo on a daily basis. For the most part I have managed to hide my condition from those around me. Unable to find a solution for my problem within the medical community, I’ve had to resort to finding creative ways to push through the really bad days, like excusing myself from a class full of students mid-lecture so that I could go sit in a bathroom stall for 15 minutes until the world stopped spinning.

I was able to keep up this charade for quite a while, that is until about 2 years ago when my body decided it had finally had enough. It was no longer willing to put up with my 60 hour work weeks and decided in protest that it would go on a hunger strike. So even though I was eating 3 square meals a day, my body just refused to digest any food. Over a 6 week period I went from being a healthy 150 pound male, to a sickly malnourished 112 pound shadow of my former self. It was at that moment that I knew I had to make a change in my life. I decided that my health had to take priority over everything else (even if that meant going broke).

So I pretty much sold off everything I owned and spent the next 2 years getting back to good health. All the while I was doing this I also realized that my health was not the only aspect of my life that was going to have to change. My neurological condition wasn’t going away, so I was going to have to come up with a new way to make a living.

Which brings me to this post; for months now, I have been trying to figure out how to re-enter the world as a productive member of society, while still respecting the limited amount of work hours my body could reasonably handle on a daily basis. There were only 2 things that I was sure of, the first was that I still wanted to teach and the second was that I loved to draw. Taking all of that into consideration, I came up with the following plan.

As a former college teacher and someone who managed to run a successful 3D Animation business for over a decade, I am now going to attempt to turn my part time drawing hobby into a full time income, while simultaneously teaching other people how to do the exact same thing along the way.  The website you are perusing is the beginning of my endeavor to entertain, educate and hopefully inspire, people all around the world to embark on their own creative journey. If after reading through a few of my blog posts you find yourself somewhat intrigued, then please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and signing up to my Monthly Newsletter. I would really love it if you came along for the ride.