Hey Guys,

My name is Craig Babin and I'm a freelance Illustrator / 3D Artist working from the Niagara Region of Ontario Canada. I'm a full-time artist, part-time teacher and all around cartoon fanatic. When I'm not working, you can usually find me watching movies ... hundreds of movies, I love movies!!! I call it my Zen time, but my accountant calls it research. If it gets me a tax break, he can call it anything he wants.

As a primarily self taught artist, most of my work to date has been in 3D Animation for Research and Development. Although lately, I've been starting to rekindle the passion I had for hand drawn art during my teenage years. As I explore the possibilities of working in Mixed Media, I am excited to find that my drawing skills are only a little rusty after my 25 year hiatus. Coupled with my new found love of Digital Painting, I've decided to try and segue into the Children's Book Illustration market.

Both my blog and my YouTube channel, chronicle my journey to becoming an Illustrator. So if you're just getting started as an artist and you need a little guidance, you may want to subscribe to my channel over on YouTube. I'll be posting weekly videos on which artists to follow, where to find the best tutorials and I'll even throw in a composition breakdown of my own work from time to time.

Thanks again for stopping by and if you want to stay in touch or contact me about a commission, you can find me on any of the social media sites listed at the bottom of the page or just drop me an email at: